About this Belongum fella…

… who like most people these days, has been lucky enough to have a crack at many things in his life up until now.

He started out as an electrician and then went on to become a soldier, a sailor and then worked in the youth and community services field.  He was even lucky enough to train youth workers for a short while – where the students and their own experiences did most of the actual teaching.  He now works for Artsource. One thing remains constant though – he’s a proud Aussie fella of both Bardi (NW West Australian Aboriginal – a salt water peoples) and Irish descent.

He’s also a ‘newly’ (well – relatively) promoted Dad. Both he and the XO (his lovely partner) are the proud owners of 2 young lads (Alpha and Foxtrot). It’s not that unusual to trip over him out and about in WA somewhere, going about his work – supporting Aboriginal and Islander Peoples (in the bush, in rural settings and in the city) to have a crack at believing in a life, that isn’t based upon Australia’s past (and present) politics and history. This isn’t an easy thing to do.

This makes for an extremely real and interesting life; as he’s of an Aboriginal community and peoples that still practice their culture and as such, he often gets caught in that place Smack-Bang in the middle of two very different ‘worlds’.

His head hurts a lot – and he thinks far too much – hence this Blog!

4 Responses to About this Belongum fella…

  1. Shae says:

    Are you sure its the thinking that hurts your head and not you bright shirts uncle Ron?

    Shae – you’re not allowed to come around here, coming around here! People can’t be knowing I’m a real person you know, with real family member’s and stuff… besides – you know FAR too much dirt on your uncle – don’t make me come up there and sabotage all of your communication devices… 😉 AND, there’s NOTHING wrong with my collection of shirts Shae – my taste maybe – but not the shirts ok – they fit me just great! lol – love ya now kiddo XO!


  2. georgemaciver says:

    Dunno about his head, but them make my head hurt!

    I reckon they’d just be ‘the ducks nuts’ up around your way George – they’d sure brighten things up some – warm you up and all too! That is if you make sure you wear them close to the skin, and then pile fifty layers on top of them (okay I might be exaggerating JUST a little there mate lol). Should be fine!
    Good to seeya mate… I hope you see me about a little more now – cheers! 😉


  3. Ben Bryan says:

    Just happen to cross your web site. Very funny as I am in the RAN and a sparky. What are your thoughts on the possible leasing arangments of the new Bay Class ships from the RN . Everybody has bagged the new uniform, especially since it was introduced because a female pollie found it hard to go to the heads. What else will change because a f_t arse pollie didn’t like our uniform. any thoughts.


  4. belongum says:

    If the RAN get a leasing agreement that suits current operational needs – uses a vessel that isn’t a floating fossil AND can man it effectively – then it’s probably an interesting idea to contemplate. This was the first I’d heard of it Ben… my experiences with leased vessels though is the conditions that come with them.
    Westralia (being a floating white elephant) seems a great BAD example. Having said that though – as an operational vessel – it could do it’s job with a crew of less than 90. Those RFA oilers though were bloody old… these Bay Class Vessels seem vastly different in that regard – but hey the Kanimbla and Manoora were bloody old when we purchased them off we pulled into Kutts often enough to see them when they arrived.
    Should be an interesting time – but it’s clear it’s going to be about a vessel that requires another contracting specialist to maintain it. I’ll be watching with interest!
    Oi – what are you doing awake mate? Get thee to a rack immediately… us greenies can’t be letting the team down now mate eh? Cheers for dropping by!


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