Belongum reports…

… directly to the XO, who hails from faraway Victoria and knows people.

I am responsible for the lives of Lad 1 (Alpha) and Lad 2 (Foxtrot) and I’m monitored at all times by their mother – the XO.

I am required – at ALL times – to keep the XO happy. (Like most blokes out there – I”m just not very good at it 😉 )

The XO frequently leads me to believe, that there could actually be moments where I just might be in charge.

Yep. The XO get’s me with that one – each and every time!

The XO also insists that I take care of the dog, the grass, the garden, the bbq, the chooks and any other odd job that might require doing. I’m also required to cook and clean dishes. Often.

I’m wholly responsible for the flattening and removal of all rogue cockroaches that make the mistake of entering the house. Spider’s are tolerated. Mice are not.

Sound familiar folks? 🙂

Belongum – Out!

3 Responses to Belongum reports…

  1. Love it Ron. Passing on your blog link to a lovely African American lady named Kay Griffin
    who will see if she can pass it to people here to read. Cheers, Tania


    • belongum says:

      G’day Tania… hey – how’d you find your way here??? 😉

      Thanks – happy to have company mate – cheers for that!

      Hope all’s good! 🙂


  2. neve16 says:

    Cockroaches should be banned from houses! They are the only creature that make my skin crawl.


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