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The Claypan Project: Ephemeral artworks in the Cossack Claypans – WA –  2009. Audrey and Arif Satar 2010.

Artist’s Audrey and Arif Satar worked with the key Ngarluma Elders to identify a theme for all who live and visit  the area. Community support across the Shire of Roebourne saw the works constructed cup by cup, stake by stake largely by students (by the bus-load – all 400 of them!) the Shire of Roebourne and other local community people supporting the project.

This artwork has largely been claimed back by the tidal flats now and the timber used along it’s length and breadth has found it’s way over at the caretakers accommodation at Cossack! Perhaps this timber will get a second life there.

Pictured from Left to Right: Audrey Satar, Belongum, Arif Satar and Ric Spencer.

This is what it looked like from the air

(Images via Artsource – courtesy of Mervyn Coutinho)

Aerial Image Courtesy of Mervyn Coutinho

Completed ephemeral works – The Claypan Project – Cossack WA – 2009

And when I say ‘cup by cup’, ‘stake by stake’ – this is why:

(Image via Artsource – courtesy of Audrey Satar)

Ephemeral works in progress – Cossack WA – 2009

Students packed clay from the site into plastic cups that would normally carry take-away coffee or tea. Like a child’s game of sandcastles down the beach – the young fellas involved followed a pattern designed by Audrey and Arif Satar – Public Artists from Perth Western Australia. It was a HUGE project, overseen creatively by Audrey and Arif Satar, funded, coordinated and supported by the Shire of Roebourne and the result – well – at the time (and for some time after it’s installation), the artwork spoke for itself…

…it was FANTASTIC!

Well done to all concerned (if somewhat belatedly perhaps)!

Belongum – Out!

2 Responses to Belongum’s header…

  1. neve16 says:

    That was some project, the aerial shot is great.


    • Belongum says:

      Thanks Neve… it certainly was pretty cool to be able to work on it – that’s for sure! Thanks for stopping by mate… 😉


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