What the…

… heck is THAT? Driving in the regional parts of Australia – especially the remote regions – can see you whizzing past many the odd sight. Try these for example:

You’re in the middle of ‘no-where’ and – as your flying by at 120kms an hour – ahem… I mean 110 kms an hour – you notice a smaller rock, placed atop a larger rock, close to the edge of the road – easily seen – and as odd as it might sound, it stands out!

No – never happened to you? Try another one then:

You’d think that you’d miss it wouldn’t you? I mean these little piles range from sizes as small as a cool drink can to a size that would look down on a handy-sized plastic oil container! It’s very rare for them to stand-out, like this one for example:

This one was taller than my waist! Normally, these ‘little’ rock piles try not to attract any attention.  Depending on whether you’re in prospecting country, or on the coast, or anywhere people want to mark a point of turning off the main road – they generally do so, for their eyes only. Which is odd – because whenever I’m driving through these areas I can’t help but notice them. I mean it’s not as if the spinifix grass sneeaks about at night and does this like some wayward leprechaun now is it?

I blame these little buggers:

At least they’d be using these little piles for something useful! Sunning themselves – trying to stand out to the opposite sex – showing off – you know the bigger the rock, the bigger the muscle yeah?! Hey – a lizard’s gotta dream right?

Leaves you wondering about the cheeky bugger that made this pile then:

Bloody show off! Typical male eh?

Still though… what else did you expect in the Pilbara? Everything you see up here is… well – extreme!

Yeah I know… it’s a hell of a job eh?

But some bugger’s got to do it! 😉

Belongum – Out!

About Belongum

People bring 'things' to me. Not necessarily PHYSICAL things as such - mostly just the loose bits and pieces floating around in their 'brain-box'. Sometimes, they also bring themselves - and THAT isn't anywhere near as simple as it sounds. I come here to pass some of this 'brain-box business' on to the ether world, and to empty my head. Besides folks - I love a good yarn - so come and join me!
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4 Responses to What the…

  1. The first few made me laugh but the last one… made me homesick. It seems that whether I’m living in the trees or the red dirt, no matter how much I’m loving where I am, I miss the other one. Great pics, thanks for sharing them.

    Isn’t it always the way though… you always miss aspects of the places you’ve been – well… most times haha 😉


  2. George says:

    A beaut ain´t it? What an amazing countryside, never fails to amaze me too.

    Cheers George… It is indeed – that and the Kimberley – country that never ceases to blow me away!


  3. jhitzig says:

    What a cool lizard. Are lizards like that common there?


    • belongum says:

      They are indeed J… in fact it’s even cooler to see them get up and run for it! They run on their back legs only and are so quick you’d almost think they weren’t there in the first place! Thanks for dropping by mate… 😉


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