… I’ve forgotten my manners – here you all are – bouncing about the internet – trying to find an interesting read in the world of blogging, and I’m letting you all down! I don’t know that I’ll be giving you much satisfaction in that area right now, but I thought I’d tell you all a little of why I’ve been absent for such a long while.

Even if Christmas hadn’t come up and kidnapped our time the way it normally does, we’d have still been under the pump. What with a birthday in November, and another one in early Jan (oldest boy turned 3 – amazing!) Our lads have given their mother (the XO) a hard run for Christmas. Holiday season?! Ha! The XO got about as much rest and relaxation as a one legged man in a bum-kicking contest. Number 2 son – F – decided that sleep wasn’t something he was going to do easily. So much so that the XO has been operating on bugger all sleep for weeks (months if the truth be told), and it doesn’t look to end anytime soon. This has all been happening in Ballarat – at her Mum’s place, and it’s been a hard run. So, no rest for her at all.

I on the other hand – have (rather guiltily) been getting sleep. It’s because I’m here in Perth. A short time with the family in Ballarat means I have time to do jobs here at home, without little people under my feet. My tasks? Well… it sorta goes like this – tell your boys you’re going to have something for them, and like it or not, you best be doing what you can towards making it happen. So, I ended up returning home to get the jobs done. AND – it would appear, I’ve gotten the important bit’s done… PHEW!!!

So… we have ourselves a landscaped front yard (Finished before I joined the family for Christmas):

We have a sandpit:

And then turned these bit’s of kit:

Into this:

So… it’s been a busy week since I’ve been back, and as number 1 son has been telling every bugger and their dog that his Dad is making him a swing, and a sandpit – it’s only natural it’s accompanied by a yard of nice soft grass (well half of it for now), and some room to run about like only kids can do. You have no idea of the clean-up job I had to do here, just to get the space cleared first – phew! I’m a self confessed ‘hoarder’ – and truth be told I’m guilty of hoarding ‘junk’ in all of the most inconvenient spaces (to everyone else of course – not to me lol). I’d been ‘cleaning’ this up for quite a while – the last of it done this week. I hate saying goodbye to perfectly good building materials – so I um… well – I sorta ‘relocated them’ elsewhere!

Also – if you don’t know Perth at all – the sand we have here flows like water. No sooner do you turn your ‘full’ shovel blade out of the hole you’re digging, when two thirds of that load ‘pours’ back into the bloody thing. It’s an exercise in absolutely annoying frustration – driving you blooming crazy. Add to this the gritty black dust hidden in every single shovelful of sand, and on a hot day like today – sheesh – you come out black all over – just from the muck of it all! I’ve spent most of my time on the end of a shovel – fighting back the bloody sand – hoping to retain it behind sleepers, whilst I prepare the footpath. It’ll be 40 degrees (of the Celsius type) tomorrow – more damn shovel work… I hope the sea breeze comes in early and helps me cool down. I’ve got things to do still for the family’s return (like buy nappies, clean and mop floors, vacuum, scrub toilets – Arghhhhh – give me that damn shovel!).

Who said us fellas aren’t productive with our spare time eh? Come on – own up to it – I know some of you have 😉

Belongum – Out!


About Belongum

People bring 'things' to me. Not necessarily PHYSICAL things as such - mostly just the loose bits and pieces floating around in their 'brain-box'. Sometimes, they also bring themselves - and THAT isn't anywhere near as simple as it sounds. I come here to pass some of this 'brain-box business' on to the ether world, and to empty my head. Besides folks - I love a good yarn - so come and join me!
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6 Responses to Bugger…

  1. Talula says:

    Whoa! You have put in some serious ‘Great Dad’ time, not to mention ‘Super Hubby’ to get all this done when they were on a visit to Granny’s house. All three will love the time spent out there in the coming months (and years). Reminds me of the Christmas that I gave a Fort/swing combo contraption to my then 5 yr old grandson living in our house. I expected it to be put together by the kid, my son & me (i do have mechanical skills) but they went skiing instead. so rather than have the boy think I gave him a box of wood and metal parts — Granny now had a week to produce the fort all by myself. As my little one’s often say “Ta-Da!” I managed to build that sucker by lining up all the parts, cutting all the wood to fit the plans at once, dragging all the parts to the planned space and then building it exactly like the plans showed, probably the only time in my life I strictly followed intructions. I only needed help at the point of standing the two halves of the fort up (16 feet tallparts & I’m 5’3″) together long enough to bolt the halves together — so I called another daughter to balance then long enough for me to run the bolts through and tighten them. It was done a day ahead of time & needless to say; but it gave me ‘Granny Points’ that still keep that kid impressed with me today — he will be 17 in March and I’m still the “Cool Grandma” (his recent words to his 5 yr old brother). So not a ‘fella’; but still a productive ‘holiday’ story. Don’t look at me like that B. I told you I wasn’t raised quite like other folks & I enjoy being different, ‘dont fit in the box’ type. Enjoy your time on the new swing & sandbox with the little guys. Talula

    Now THAT’D elevate you straight to the dizzy heights of ‘Cool-dom’ in MY book Talula… no doubt about it – SUPER Granny even lol! I know EXACTLY how that feels – doing those sorts of jobs by yourself (much like that swing there) can be a most frustrating exercise – It might even surprise you that yes – I follow instructions (I even ask for directions when I’m ‘geographically embarrassed’) if needed as well. They’re put in the pack for a reason – MOST times they’re even helpful 😉

    15 foot walls…? Wow – even I would be able to play in THAT fort! I hope your Chrissie was well – and you and yours all celebrated each other as best you could. All the best for this a new year – Cheers!


  2. Mandi says:

    Golly, that’s serious Super-Dad stuff! And it will make your XO very happy because it will help keep the kids out of her hair and occupied. Trust me, you’ll score huge brownie points there 😉 Well done to you, I hope there was a nice cold beer in the fridge at the end of the day?

    Productive use of spare time? Well, I’m on the computer at the moment so… hmmm, not so much! But have you seen how much cooking I’ve been doing lately? LOL! Too hot to be trying to be productive outside today Mandi, I reckon the computer’s a good call right about now! You have been busy – cooking like a mad thing – all that fruit – wow! The boys would love some of that!!! It’ll make the family happy – and they’ll be busy little vegemites – having heaps of fun! Cheers 😉


  3. Cellobella says:


    I’m seriously impressed.


    And I thought you were some soft arty type…


    Ta muchly CB… I enjoy building things for the kids but I sure AM soft alright – I should’ve finished THIS job in two days (just ask the XO)! This took me more than a week(Damn WA sand lol) well the clearing and digging at least! Hahaha… must be getting old – swinging off a shovel seems to take longer to recover from these days – especially because I work for some of those soft arty types – I haven’t got an arty bone in my body 😉


  4. enigma says:

    Merry belated Xmas Belli,
    And what an amazing time you have had of it!
    I bet the kids are seriously impressed, I know i am.


  5. Talula says:

    hey there B; been seeing the reports on the extreme weather there in OZ – kinda looks like Purgatory! Hope you, the XO and the boys are in a safe place – away from the fires, too. Maybe those who know the ‘Ancient Ones’ can send a prayer for a big blow your way to cool everything down a bit, eh? Stay Safe! T

    Hey T… no worries about us specifically – we’re on the other side of Oz! But the worry exists all the same – my in-laws are all Victorians and thankfully none of them are in the affected areas that we know of. The poor buggers who were, were primarily in small towns – old left overs from the gold rush days mostly – and they are all over the place in Victoria. Sadly though, they’re ill-equipped to cope with such fires – mostly relying on a volunteer bushfire brigade – called the CFA.

    By the time this is all over, and the victims have had time to register inside themselves what’s ACTUALLY happened, we’ll be seeing the signs of how it’s affected those who helped. Those who put their lives on the line – alongside they’re community member mates – and fought this thing. It’s so sad T – and there but for the grace of God go we… it’s such a sodden truth about Oz and bushfires – and we have people who lit these fires deliberately, or may very well have chucked a cigarette butt out of a car… it’s sickens me and saddens me beyond belief. My hat off to the survivors… I hope they keep on breathing, and can get back on with living.


  6. Talula says:

    May the Ancient Ones continue to smile on you and yours; and may the spirits of those lost find their way ‘home’. Take good care of the volunteers and shell-shocked survivors down there in OZ.

    Speaking of survivors; we just this week received the insurance money for our damage from Hurricane Ike and a day later had our roof replaced. Now on to fix the rest of the fences and replace the rest of the wind & water damaged items. had to fight for it through two adjusters; and us havin ‘full replacement insurance’ didn’t sit too well for us — being of Irish & Cherokee minds – you know! You can knock us down; but you better be a distance away when we get off the ground – cause we’re comin after you! 😉 Have a Blessed Day there, B — Talula


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