Currently on the idiot box…

… there’s an advert for a “reality” show called Navy Divers.  It fair does my head in – just that advert, and just one particular part of it.  About three quarters in, this Instructor pipes up with something along the lines of:  “Who cares if he’s a nice bloke” (Laughs) “Nice blokes don’t win a war!”

This statement (and the actual notion of it) grates on me like you wouldn’t believe.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve worn the uniform(s) of our Defence Forces, and I seriously struggle with such silly comments like this, falling out of the mouths of blokes like that – talking it up for the camera.  Firstly – no ONE person wins a ‘war’.  Secondly – a LOT of nice blokes (AND ‘blokettes’ – Hush your mouth Belongum!) have contributed to the ‘winning’ of battles – armed conflict or otherwise.  Thirdly – as I’ve said before many times – compassion isn’t a restricted commodity – removed from you as soon as you set foot on a Military establishment, and start wearing a uniform.

There’s no end of hype that might suggest this, no end of cliches that paint all sorts of silly bugger piccies on the topic, but the truth of it – actually on the ground ‘at the pointy end’, where people are broken and torn – is that compassion has a very clear and well deserved place, in the ugliest of wartime situations.  For Australian troops, this was never more clear then in both world wars, where our military forces were made up primarily of volunteers.  Men (and women) came from ALL walks of life.  Some were veterans from past war-time experiences – it’s true, but most were simply everyday people like you and I caught up in a time of war.

Let me name two famous (in Australian circles at least) men as an example;  General Sir John Monash, and Sir Edward ‘Weary’ Dunlop.  Both extraordinary gentlemen in their own rights who by sheer bad luck, happened to be born in a period where their skills were needed in time of War.  By all accounts, General Monash was an exceptional leader of men who cared immensely for his troops.  I can’t say I’ve ever heard a bad thing said about General Monash.  As too was Weary Dunlop – albeit in completely different circumstances (a then Japanese POW camp) – but his leadership and compasson in that camp during those times, were well beyond simply doing his duty.

My grandfather fought in the Second World War.  This was something he never advertised or bragged about – he never took part in ANZAC Day marches, nor hung out with his old mates – my grandfather kept his past service largely to himself.  He started out a private soldier – a ‘simple’ volunteer – and left a commissioned officer.  He was awarded the DCM during his time on Crete.  All that I’ve heard to date, at no time suggests my grandfather was a ‘macho man’.  Quite the opposite in fact, he was considered to be an absolute gent, he was a Godly man – a Christian – who believed completely that it was his faith that saw him through the ugliest of the things he saw and expereinced, whilst he lived a life in uniform.

In my own time in uniform, I served with more ‘nice blokes’ then you could poke a stick at!  Most fellas I knew were full of it (bulldust) – so was I – but who wasn’t?  A false sense of bravado isn’t what I’m talking about – it’s the macho image that only BAD guys get down and do the business.  Being NICE doesn’t enter into it.  Bollocks!  Bulldust! Crap! What a load of old cobblers!  Being PROFESSIONAL, good (even EXCEPTIONAL) at what you do, flexible – as in able to adapt, well trained, clear on your role and objective, committed, focused – DETERMINED against all odds that you will overcome ALL that is thrown against you – doesn’t mean you’re not likely to be a ‘noice’ bloke.  It just means your bloody good at what you do – because that’s your job, and more then likely – your mates depend on you.

This might surprise most of you Macho Whacker‘s out there in the world fellas, because nice ‘blokes’ do much more than win ‘wars’; they make the sheer insanity of such a shitty part of human behaviour almost bearable.  The point is mate; that most of us (been, gone, or up-and-coming), would be well lost without ’em!

Belongum – Out!

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People bring 'things' to me. Not necessarily PHYSICAL things as such - mostly just the loose bits and pieces floating around in their 'brain-box'. Sometimes, they also bring themselves - and THAT isn't anywhere near as simple as it sounds. I come here to pass some of this 'brain-box business' on to the ether world, and to empty my head. Besides folks - I love a good yarn - so come and join me!
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4 Responses to Currently on the idiot box…

  1. Cellobella says:

    And thank goodness “nice blokes” are in our armed forces. I’d hate to think what war crimes would be committed if that wasn’t true.

    It’s their (your) humanity which makes the whole difficult job bearable.

    Cheers for the comment CB 🙂 It’s my belief that there are ‘nice blokes’ in most facets of our lives… to which I say “Thank you” – a lot! Especially in the ugly situations that we seem to find around us. I feel for the contries where there ISN’T enough ‘nice blokes’ though – I really do…
    Ta – 😉


  2. mummabare says:

    Its a pleasure to know a nice bloke or two 🙂

    Its a shame that the noisy few get all the attention.

    Nice blokes *win* all the important things.

    Wasn’t sure I ageed with thaat statement when I was a teenager lol… cheers MB


  3. Mandi says:

    Ewwww, I’ve seen the reviews now and I know the show you’re talking about. This is the kind of television I hate the most, Not one I’ll be watching.

    For what it’s worth, I think the nice blokes always win. In the end.
    From a girl who had her share of bad boys and ended up with the nicest bloke in the world 🙂

    Funny how the world turns and you find yourself doing the complete opposite to how you once started eh Mandi… 😉 I have nothing against the dedication and professionalism that I’ve seen from CDs in the RAN. It’s a hard and demanding job – and it’s bloody dangerous! ‘Bubbleheads’ get heaps of cheek over their chosen trade in the RAN – but I’d rather they did it then all sorts of other cowboys out there! But this whole concept smacks of a macho world that just gives me the irrits – as it’s often so much more then that… oops – just a smally rant all the way from Karratha mate lol


  4. TDM says:

    Ewww, unreality tv – it’s just a cheap replacement for an imagination which producers can’t afford to foster anymore because the content might do more than brainwash people.

    I haven’t seen the advert ur talking about B, but it sounds like a complete right wing load of propaganda.

    Nice is such a relative term…

    Trust you to tweak it in another direction entirely DM lol… and so true – relative indeed! Wish I could have stopped to yarn more with ya DM – properly too would have been nice 😉 Instead I just get to say gudday on the fly-by… hope to catch up wit hya for a brew mate – when I’m back in town… you up for one sometime soon??? In the Pilbara this week – working on my tan… lol


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