What I miss most about not going out bush…

… is being able to have a campfire, and camp fire tucker.  So – a fair while ago – we started to have a small ‘campfire’ of our own.  It saw many loud parties, late nights, and no end of company… people loved the fact that we had a fire and, that we used it to cook tucker on!  It was one of the best places to debrief – for myself, the XO and our many friends.  Working with people in strife and suffering major distress in their lives, causes you no small amount of stress and worry in your own!  Having a way to cope with filling up on other people’s ‘business’ is as important as having the empathy to do so in the first place- It’s a must – or one day, you’ll wake up and simply implode!

The fire at our house was one of those places where people could sit and – in their own time – unwind or unload.  sometimes they needed winding up in the first place, just so they could blow a gasket, and do their ‘nana!  Sometimes people just sat and watched… not a word spoken, just a safe and still place to be.  Our fireplace met with many people, and most of them were regular visitors.  I strongly suspect people came to share a place alongside a fire they themselves couldn’t possibly have at their home.  Truth be told – I loved their company, and I loved hearing their yarns… there’s nothing like yarning around a fire!

So – to tease you all some – this is what we used to do, a lot!  Since the boy’s have come along, we’ve had to change the shape of our front yard.  the first thing to go was the big fire-pit!  It was a sad day!  Now we have a gas bbq – don’t get me wrong – we have a good time with that too – but it’s not the same!  I love the smell of woodsmoke; the smell of something cooking and sizzling in a camp oven – there’s simply nothing else like it.  tonight I got the camp oven out and got cooking… it’s been a long time since we’ve done this, and we’ve really missed it.  I’m hoping I can show you that you don’t need a big raging fire, not a huge fire pit… just some common sense and a clear and safe place.  Small is good, as it can be controlled and kept safe!  enjoy – we sure did!

A lamb leg roast!  Tom Cruise be damned!

Camp oven (and tucker) already sitting over coals in a car tire rim.

A SMALL fire – as cooking on the coals ISN’T about feeding an inferno!  These coals will go on the lid.

It’s all about the coals… you need good coals to give a good even (and lasting) cooking heat.

Coals on the lid will keep the heat up, and brown your meat of course!


Tadaaa! what’ll you have eh?!

My apologies to The Food Pornographer – figured I could ‘borrow’ an idea off you at least once tfp… I’ll save you some mate just to make up for it (that and my photography skills lol)!

Belongum – Out!


About Belongum

People bring 'things' to me. Not necessarily PHYSICAL things as such - mostly just the loose bits and pieces floating around in their 'brain-box'. Sometimes, they also bring themselves - and THAT isn't anywhere near as simple as it sounds. I come here to pass some of this 'brain-box business' on to the ether world, and to empty my head. Besides folks - I love a good yarn - so come and join me!
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6 Responses to What I miss most about not going out bush…

  1. Talula says:

    Howdy! to you, Belongum – It’s been a long time since I have visited with you, mate. Ran across your post on the blog surfer a few minutes ago. Loved the firepit instructions & pics — you are right about the pleasure a campfire can give to all who share it. Been doing a lot of that impromptu ‘pit’ cooking here myself what with the hurricane damage to our Texas coast (I am just 15-20 miles inland from Galveston Island where it took a direct hit) we have had our house power back on about a week now. Couldn’t help but think back to the campfires of my youth and young adult years when we had to cook that way again. I went out camping by myself a lot in those days, sometimes near large, slow moving rivers to float on — man! those were great days. Hope you find more time to spend unwinding soon in front of a campfire again for you and the XO– theres something so soothing and universal in its primal adventure. See Ya Around, Talula.

    Gudday Talula… I’ve been so busy with Dad stuff and life in general I’ve been slack! 😉 Actually, it did cross my mind that I get to do this as an option… that is – I can choose to do this for ‘fun’ – not out of necessity. What a luxury! Hope all’s well over in your part of the world now T… you mob are getting a bit of a battering over that way, but I guess it could have been a hell of alot worse eh?!
    All the best mate – I’ll drop by sometime soon!
    Cheers 😉


  2. georgemaciver says:

    That sure looks good enough to eat!! Even better than the food was the meeting again of an old friend. Good to see you again Ron.

    Fancy meeting you here Mr Maciver… how do and all mate – will see you around the traps some more now, I’m back up and running! Cheers 😉


  3. mummabare says:

    oh yay!!

    Im so happy to see someone else enjoying the pleasures of fireside cooking 😀

    There is something just downright fun about fires…and no Im not a pyromaniac (no Im not).

    We have ours set up at the back permanently and Im pleased to say the bbq is collecting dust. I love fish in the pan, or sweetpotato done in the coals. The only downside is all this rain….*sigh* its not quite so fun when you hear raindrops hissing on your fire.

    I love how fires really helped families communicate, with yarns or with silence, it was all meaningful when we are watching that croc in the fire 🙂

    blessings to you and your family xx

    My personal fav is whole reef fish in the coals mb… and there’s nothing more fitting then cooking over a fire – if I have to I’ll go over to a wood-fired oven – but I love the freedom of an open fire-pit – or in my case one I can move around fairly easily! True about it being a great vehicle for communication… scarily so in some cases! Cheers to you and yours 😉


  4. Talula says:

    Hey – I came back after a few folks bounced over to read my stuff from here. Bet they were ‘carnfused’ since I’m not Aussie and write about kid’s stuff — little do they know i have been a pretty good shot with a 410 gauge (solid shot) rifle while deer-hunting, rode the American South for years while in an 18-wheeler semi- with my granddaddy, worked on the docks of New Orleans at 10 years old unloading produce from his truck, camped out by myself for weeks at a time to refresh my soul, and all that is just the least-known tidbits of my very interesting life so far. As you can tell; I don’t fit very well into those normal ‘Teacher’ boxes folks are always trying to shove me into. Makes for very interesting yarning (and relating) with families & kids I have worked with in my career as an educator. I bet you have some similar rapport with the folks in your line of work, Belongum. See Ya! Talula. Oh yeah –my fav camp out food would have to be an old fashioned ‘Mulligan’ stew made of beef (I am in Texas!) instead of lamb Hahaha… that did make me laugh out loud T. Sheep annoy the buggery out of me, you’d like our cattle stations north of here – they’d be agreeing with you 100% And Camp Coffee — AAAHHH! I can smell its rich boiled-over scent right now! It is the only coffee i really like – I am a tea-drinker from my Irish & Cherokee roots. Bye!

    And doesn’t EVERYTHING taste, smell, sound, feel, look good around a camp fire T… it’s a regular sensory feast – and THEN there’s the tucker! Yep – I”m afraid I didn’t fit into all standard the pigeon holes either – but it sure makes for an interesting yarn at times lol


  5. Ian says:

    Onya mate… lookin’ good there 🙂

    Cheers and out!

    Ta Ian… you mob take care now – 😉


  6. TFP says:

    Hahahaha, no worries, mate. That looks like a fantastic feed. My only complaint? Needs more corn! I love corn! 😛 Really enjoyed this post and all your photos.

    Oops! Better late than never eh TFP?! Sorry mate – missed you in the wash somewhere lol – Ta for the comment mate, good of you to drop by… tried it out as I’d been meaning to do it for a while, but those kidlets just won’t let parents do – what they want to do sometimes (I can hear you parents laughing out there – what do you mean SOME – right??? lol) Cheers 😉


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