Thought this photo…

…would give you a chuckle – much like it did me!

Thought a simple picture would do more for you, then any words I might have on this topic.

The Mad Scientist!

Oh boy… I’m in for trouble when these lads of mine are discovered by girls!

Oh well – I don’t know about you mob – but THIS week, I really needed that!


Belongum – Out!


About Belongum

People bring 'things' to me. Not necessarily PHYSICAL things as such - mostly just the loose bits and pieces floating around in their 'brain-box'. Sometimes, they also bring themselves - and THAT isn't anywhere near as simple as it sounds. I come here to pass some of this 'brain-box business' on to the ether world, and to empty my head. Besides folks - I love a good yarn - so come and join me!
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16 Responses to Thought this photo…

  1. enigma says:

    awwww, he is sooo cute!Love the spikey hair, my son was nicknamed ‘spike” as he had hair like that…and when they start bringing girls home, its a whole new ball game.I may blog about it haha.
    Yep this week has been real strange,


  2. belongum says:

    That it has! This spiky hair business is just rude… lol! He’s got more hair then his father – hat’s for sure! 😉

    I’ve had a lot to do with young fellas – especially in their teens, and about the time they discover girls… and one rule remains fairly constant – for all their bravado – that time is actually pretty scary! They gather in gangs, talk bulldust with each other and fill each other up on tales of fantasy! Only to discover that this business between boys and girls is – for the most part – a purely ‘one on one’ affair lol! No mates there when you cross that line eh?! (well – mostly!).

    So what REALLY changes when we get older eh??? lol



  3. enigma says:

    He certainly is a cutie…love the smile.
    The funny thing is, when my son was growing up, our house was the local hangout, and as there wasnt a huge generational gap, they used to talk to me about it.
    But i always felt a bit uncomfortable talking to 16 year old guys about there sex lives… which happened a fair bit, as most of them(including my son0 didnt have males around they could talk to
    And maybe things dont really change that much when your older, it just gets more sophisticated LOL.


  4. red dirt mummy says:

    Awww… what a little cutie. Gotta love that gorgeous smile. And, yep. I smiled right back. Both of my kids have double crowns so we had mohawks to deal with LOL.


  5. Ian says:

    That’s a wild lookin’ hair do 🙂


  6. mummabare says:

    gotta love kulunga with spikey hair!! How evil is that laugh tho lol…doesnt get it from you surely!

    Ditto on the wierd week….thank god its over huh.


  7. petrona says:

    How completely adorable!! You are a lucky man Belongum. That smile!!!

    I’ve recently discovered your blog, and I’m a big fan. I love the way you write and the issues you write about. Thank you!


  8. belongum says:

    If E – by use of the word sophisticated you mean just down right embarrassing lol… I guess you’d be spot on then!!! lol 😉 Uniform saved me so much trouble… lol

    Welcome oh mum-of-the-reddest-dirt – good to see ya round these parts mate – nice of you to drop by! he’s not smiling that smile right now, I can tell you! Proper grumpy little fella – tired and hungry!!!! He’s got more of a lazy mohawk now tho’… his hair’s near on gone on both sides – I can’t help but smile some at that lol 😉

    Ian – mate… good to ‘see’ ya! 😉 Yeah wild’s the word, and I’m just wildly jealous!

    Oi up there Mummabare… I’ve seen that head ofhair your lad’s got mate- you gotta love a good healthy head of hair eh (he says wistfully… *sighhhhh*) 😉 Yeah Week has been a wooly one… hope you’re better now mate! Yarn with you soon on that other matter eh – be good to have you on board!

    Petrona – how good of you to say so mate! You can come back ANY time lol 😉 Let us know where you’re at (in the blogosphere!) and I’ll return the favour! Thanks for stopping by… cheers 😉


  9. TDM says:

    Oh man! Are you in for it – he looks like a real chip off the old block, Belongum! What goes around…(just ask your mum)


  10. Wow, such life and joy! Oh yes, there’ll be plenty of girls for that one, I betcha.


  11. belongum says:

    DM the onlt thig that had me survive the most embarrassing part of my life was my smile, and sense of humour! I laughed at myself – a lot! It’s good for ya you know… lol 😉

    Yep RNW… it’s my feeling that if this lad keeps THAT grin and laugh, he’ll be a fairly well wanted boy – once the teen years fall away that is – poor fella!!! 🙂


  12. Ariel says:

    Is that normal hair, bed hair or “I’m just trying out the gel look” hair? Either way, utterly adorable – it’s all in the smile.


  13. Kim says:

    He looks like one mega ball of cute trouble!


  14. Oh what a sweetie. I bet he goes on to charm his way out of everything!


  15. Melissa says:

    Oh dear god in heaven he’s absolutely stunning! I bet he loves tickles and kisses too. You and XO are so lucky!

    Awww shucks Melissa… he does indeed! We are extremely lucky, and if anyone needs to know just how lucky – well – I’ll be thinking of you mate! Good to see you about eh – hope your trip away went well – I’ll drop over and say Gudday soon… hope you didn’t lead too many Aussie sailors astray eh – the poor fellas don’t stand a chance! lol 😉


  16. jen says:

    How absolutely gorgeous!

    Ta muchly Jen… mind you mate, they’re all away at the moment, so I’m missing them like a mad thing now – it’s WAYYYY to quiet! Cheers… 😉


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