About five years ago…

I met this bloke called Mark Sheen – at a mates party in Subiaco – Perth. This bloke was a really nice fella, good to yarn to, interesting, but almost scary in a way. You see this fella – had himself a goal. He told me then that his plan was to climb Mount Everest.

Meeting people who wholeheartedly believe they can finish what they set out to do, is an amazing thing. Especially if they’re completely and utterly convinced of it. He had a sincerity and conviction about him that left me with no doubt he was going to get there, and just two days ago – I found out that he did!

Bravo Zulu Mark! My hat off to you, and to all of you other fellas out there who have set out to achive what you believed you could do. It tkaes some amazing strength and purpose to follow through and complete the tasks you’ve laid before youselves – and I’m not talking about all the ‘big things’ out there folks – whatever they may be.

Just quietly mate – I’m green with envy – not of Everest mind. As I told you a long time ago – you’d never get me up there in that COLD country mate! You set out to do something, and you pulled it off – well too by all accounts… well done that man!

I hope it’s everything you have ever hoped for – and more!

Belongum – Out!


About Belongum

People bring 'things' to me. Not necessarily PHYSICAL things as such - mostly just the loose bits and pieces floating around in their 'brain-box'. Sometimes, they also bring themselves - and THAT isn't anywhere near as simple as it sounds. I come here to pass some of this 'brain-box business' on to the ether world, and to empty my head. Besides folks - I love a good yarn - so come and join me!
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10 Responses to About five years ago…

  1. Aesthetic says:

    Finishing what you start…excellent!

    Knowing what you want and what to work toward…brilliant!

    Ambition, goals, dreams…it’s all good.

    Because as Evan Dando sang, a

    “Ship without a rudder’s like a ship without a rudder’s like a
    ship without a rudder.”


  2. jl says:

    I’m always in awe of those who ‘finish’. I never got to the end in Brownies when i was nine and it’s coloured my life ever since.


  3. CW says:

    Belongum you namedropper you!

    Just kidding 😉 It must have been amazing to read about Mark’s achievement after having met him. What an inspiration to us all!


  4. The Daily Magnet says:

    Oh – Everest?…that’s so five minutes ago… ;}}

    What’s your Everest Belongum?


  5. Belongum says:

    A – Goals and aspirations eh… a fellas gotta dream – and if they’re a switched on cookie like Mark here – well, a dream can sure become a reality eh?!

    jl – Finishing what you start is still an important part of life eh… but it’s not always the big things that count. Some of that ‘smally’ stuff makes big things happen – if you just hold the course: “…from little things, big things grow…” Now I’m no fella of
    THAT scale, but I sure like the idea that this holds true.

    cw – I have to say I sat for a moment – thought about that night that I got to yarn wit this fella – and smiled a big smile for the rest of the day! This bloke made his Everest happen… good for him!

    dm – You wouldn’t get me on top of Everest for five seconds – let alone five minutes – Sod that!!!

    My current ‘Everest’ stands taller then my knee at the moment, and I’ve only just started the ‘climb’. I reckon I’ll be done in say… oh – about 30 years… NOT! I’m guessing you mob out there know EXACTLY what I’m talking about lol 😉

    My little Everest’s… well – I didn’t die a drunk blackfella (not the word he used – but it DID start with a ‘B’) in the local park, like my 1st year (and again in 3rd year) high school teacher once predicted.

    He shared the moment with my entire class – rather loudly. I must of taken umbrage with the man – I carried it around for a ‘smally’ while, and proved him wrong… sad that I had to really – but there you go!

    Social Studies would have been so much more fun otherwise… sighhhhhh!



  6. The Daily Magnet says:

    You should pay that feckless wonder no mind B, just another bigoted twat looking for someone to stand on.

    Your everest – watch out behind you, coz just when u get used to the way they are, behind your back they grow a couple feet(more), I didn’t look up from the books for a few years & now mine are taller n me.

    30 yrs you reckon?

    By the way – I read a lot about social studies right here on this blog, maybe you should teach it so people can learn it right.


  7. Belongum says:

    You old smoothie dm… lol 😉

    Nah mate… that bloke is history now – well and truly. But I don’t forget him… I run into people like him – not quite so in your face – but very similar, no-where near as often as I once used too… that’s a good thing right lol!!!

    He actually helped me in an odd way… he got me angry – for the first time in my life, a REAL anger… the kind that burns! I never wanted to prove someone wrong so badly in all my life… and I did. Once i confronted him (many years later) that was the end of it. Never let it bother me since.

    Social Studies… crikey mate – we call it all Society and Environment now, talk about ripped off!!!

    Heard a rumor it might be going back to Social Studies, Geography and History once more… but I’m not holding my breath… 😉

    Cheers mate


  8. The Daily Magnet says:

    Aah – he’s down with the lingo – SOSE – sounds like you have some inside knowledge about this primary teaching caper, B?!

    Anger can be used constructively – I know too, but wouldn’t it be ideal if kids were just allowed to be kids without all(or some) the bullshit an adult world offers.


  9. Spike says:

    Belongum said: You wouldn’t get me on top of Everest for five seconds – let alone five minutes – Sod that!!!

    You and me both.


  10. Lee says:

    I never ceased to be amazed by people who achieve such feats. I have no desire to climb Everest…or similar…but I think we all have an “Everest” in our lives.

    Good to see you, Belongum. 🙂


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