January the 4th this year has been and gone…

I know this well – it was the most amazing day of my life. Jan the 4th saw our son arrive… and it’s been 9 weeks and two days since he graced us with his presence.

His arrival into our life wasn’t without some drama, he made his Mum extremely ill – so much so, the resultant trauma to her body had her spend three days in intensive care as she recovered. Recover she did, and despite her rough start into the world of Mother-dom – she is now well – along with our son Arid.

It’s nine weeks plus – right… and I’m barely keeping my eyes open. He’s taken to not sleeping well and although he’s tired – he fights sleep like buggery. So it’s a battle, and I have to tell you… if this was the board game Battleship – I’d be buggered! Not a ship on the board ceptin that little ‘tug’ thing, and i’m down to my last peg… he’s got me dead to rights – and BOOM – I’m outa there!

It’s a short post tonight, I don’t have the brainbox capability to draw it out for too long, which is probably just as well. My partner is struggling too, and although we share the parent role as much as possible, there is simply no rest at all from breast feeding! I’m so glad I’m a bloke, I could NOT put up with a baby that demands to velcro itself to your chest, just to get a little sustenance and comfort. Cheeky bugger!

But it’s the Mum thing. There’s nothing in the world remotely like your Mum. Now you might be sitting there – reading this, and going: “Yeah mate – FOR A REASON… she drives me bloody SPARE!”. Well that may be, but there is no other… Mum’s; despite our own inate abiltiy to stuff things up on a regular basis as a species, are truly a breed apart. Love em or hate em, Mum’s are graduate Grandma’s in waiting… and there simply is no higher order then that.

Oh… yeah, my post in point: Heard a bloody rediculous thing the other day, that on Today Tonight they would be interviewing a Politician, a Teacher, a Chef and a Mum, to decide who had the hardest job. I laughed… LOUDLY! Nearly drove off the road in fact, was TV in that much need for entertainment it had to draw upon the obvious? NO CONTEST! Mum’s are ALL of the rest of the jobs rolled up in one, and they don’t have a choice in the matter, they simply are!

Mum’s ARE politicians – I mean to say, who REALLY sets policy in your house eh? Who tells little white lies to achieve certain aims, and identifies key issues to attach themselves too in times of political need? That very same Mum is a teacher too, and it’s not to many Mum’s who don’t have to take up the Chef role in a household either, it’s just not an easy life. So… how does a TV show measure this??? Well, truthfully…? I have no idea at all… you see I fell asleep trying to keep up with one… a Mum that is. And I failed miserably.

So mum’s rule in my book, but don’t let this fool you though, Dad’s are catching up. I’m lucky enough to work from a home office (Sometimes I even get work done!), where I’m based – working away once every few weeks. I get to spend a heap of time helping out, and being a part of my son’s daylight hours. We mightn’t have the feeding role down pat (just not equiped for it 🙂 ), but I change a mean nappy when the pressures on – let me tell you! I’m dreading solids though – but then, that’s where Mum’s come in eh?!

Belongum Out!


About Belongum

People bring 'things' to me. Not necessarily PHYSICAL things as such - mostly just the loose bits and pieces floating around in their 'brain-box'. Sometimes, they also bring themselves - and THAT isn't anywhere near as simple as it sounds. I come here to pass some of this 'brain-box business' on to the ether world, and to empty my head. Besides folks - I love a good yarn - so come and join me!
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7 Responses to January the 4th this year has been and gone…

  1. Callisto says:

    Congratulations to you both. Hope you sleep gets better soon, I can relate to how you feel, my youngest is 17 months and still resisting sleeping right through the night (she is still breastfed so I reckon that is part of it, too much info for you? Sorry ;-))

    You are coooool for being so supportive, my husband, whilst a wonderful man, is a TAD on the old fashioned side in that he won’t change a pooey nappy, but otherwise he is very supportive. I have a good friend who is a fulltime dad and he loves it but is often surprised by the traditional mindset of those he encounters “You what? You are a fulltime dad????”


  2. nailpolishblues says:

    I am amazed that you had the energy for posting at all – all year! Many congrats – I love that he’s Arid.
    I see now why the dogs look like a holiday [evil little savages that they are [I’ve now taken to torturing them, slightly, as a hobby. They’ve taken to farting in my bedroom – works nicely, apparently]] – oh how I look forward to only having to look after me [remember that feeling?]!
    I’ve digressed. Damn.


  3. adrian says:

    A lovely ode to your lady and Mums everywhere. Well done, and best wishes with life in the Big League.


  4. Kim says:

    Hi Belongum! I saw your blog mentioned in Adrian’s journal and what stopped me in my tracks was the fact that you’re Bardi! Two years ago my partner, his parents and I were holidaying at Cape Leveque (spelling?) and got to take a boat trip with a few Bardi brothers. They were a great mob! They took us to their old island, went to a beach, speared fish, cooked and ate it (best fish I’ve ever tasted in my life!) and spent the afternoon fishing with them. It was the highlight of our entire WA trip and I now recommend it to everyone. They were so nice! So if you’re part Bardi, then I know you must be a good bloke!

    Congratulations on the birth of your son and sorry about hte long comment.


  5. Foxhow says:

    Many congrats on the arrival of your son.

    Given your previous posts about how hot it gets in your part of the world.

    Your partner deserves another medal for being pregnant over summer.


  6. Belongum says:

    How bloody slack of me…
    Callisto – Yeah Dad business – in my book – Rocks! I love it… and wouldn’t have it any other way! I can’t think of why a Dad would want to miss out on all that… but many do – they just have to make it up in other ways! Hope you get many a foot massage and a hot bath run for ya… lol!

    npb – Me and the XO (my partner) argued long and hard over many things re the birth and impending bub… it took us about five minutes in the car to decide on two names – one for a boy and one for a girl – and we agreed that these names would stay. We had a boy and the rest is history. Arid is a great name for someone born to this country I reckon… he already has a nickname now – Sandy!

    Adrian – thanks for the kind words mate… I enjoy your blog.

    Kim – Bardi Country is magical in my books, I never had the experience of growing up there, but we’re still tied to the place Bardi way… so it’s a big part of us (me and my bros). It’s good to hear you had such a good time mate… hope more people get to experience positive slices of life like you… it’d go along way towards breaking down those silly bloody barriers between blackfella and whitefella worlds and cultures… cheers for dropping in.

    Foxhow – Hahaha… would you believe our summer was the mildest I have ever experienced. Bloody lucky too… Meeka is where I work but I live mostly south of here – well south of here! Perth’s weather sucked te big one mate… infact it was warmer in Ballarat where my other half comes from. Sad but true!

    I’ll be posting soon – just have a few ideas to play with… cheers you mob!


  7. Ian says:

    G’day. Razzle numbers would be well down here in the Territory if it wasn’t for blackfellas and Chinamen. The numbers of old timers are thinning now, sadly, but there’s no shortage of local lads in Norforce. A bit OT, but I reckon it’s time they were allowed to take more of a “proactive” stance on illegal fishing etc. It’s now well past a few hungry foreign villagers feeding their families and the local Norforce members, and aboriginal rangers, could have a real impact into what is a big problem for all of us. Cheers,


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